Manhattan Scientifics and Aprilia Unveil MOJITO FC

May 05, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Manhattan Scientifics Inc. (Los Alamos, NM) and Aprilia SpA (Italy) unveiled a new fuel-cell-powered scooter at the International Paris Fair. The scooter is an environmentally friendly electric concept vehicle called MOJITO FC. Powered by Manhattan Scientifics' new 3,000W fuel cell, the scooter is silent, pollution-free and suitable for urban use. Fueled by hydrogen, production models should be capable of covering 120 miles with a single fueling at a top speed of at least 35 miles an hour.

The MOJITO FC is the second Aprilia fuel-cell-powered concept vehicle developed with Manhattan Scientifics. The new scooter uses Manhattan Scientifics' proprietary fuel cell technology developed by its German unit, NovArs GmbH. The system operates under ambient conditions without additional ancillary equipment such as pumps or special cooling. The fuel cell system, including all electronics, valves and fans, weighs less than 6kg. The weight of the fuel vessel is 4.3kg.

Manhattan Scientifics' COO Jack Harrod said, "This fuel-cell-powered scooter is a continuation of our efforts to introduce practical, alternative energy power for personal transportation. There are an estimated 100-million motorized two-wheel vehicles in use worldwide with the greatest number concentrated in the crowded cities of Asia."