MagneTek's Fuel Cell Conditioners Provide Power to New Conde Nast Building

May 14, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

MagneTek (Nashville, TN) fuel cell power conditioners have begun providing electricity for the new Conde Nast building in New York City. The 48-story office tower is expected to be the first newly constructed building to earn an Energy Star label from the US Environmental Protection Agency. The fuel cells were supplied by International Fuel Cells (South Windsor, CT).

The MagneTek converters convert the direct current produced by the fuel cells' electrochemical reaction into precisely controlled alternating current, which is required to run the building's lighting and air-conditioning systems.

"This is a ground-breaking installation that others will follow," said Jody Durst, executive vice president of the Durst Organization, the company that owns and operates Conde Nast. "The PC25 fuel cells are ideal for an urban environment, where air quality is a significant concern and assured power is vital. By operating in conjunction with the utility grid, we have an extremely reliable, environmentally friendly system."

More than 100 MagneTek fuel cell power conditioners are operating today in North America, Europe and Japan.