Lite-on Semi Reports Mixed Results and Consolidates Power Semi Operations

February 13, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Lite-on Semiconductor Corporation (LSC) announced its self-consolidated January revenue NTD928 million, a 10% decline compared to last year, and a 14% growth on a MoM basis.

The company also announced that commencing January, 2019, LSC consolidated its Discrete and Power IC into its new Power Semiconductor Business Unit, targeting for a more effective utilization of resources. As LSC power IC had released more new products in the past two years which are complementary to Discrete, and therefore adding competitiveness to LSC's total power management solution.

LSC also hopes that its Discrete BU, already a key supplier in global power supply market, can lead its IC products into more tier one supply chain customers. Although compared to the same period last year, sales declined 4% on a YoY basis, the combined sales of Power Semi products grew 29% compared to the previous month.

After two quarters of re-organization, LSC's 6-inch foundry was able to provide foundry service for MOSFET and Bipolar products to external customers and its January sales enjoyed a growth in a YoY and MoM basis.

Modular System continued its December vigor and enjoyed a 6% YoY and 1% MoM growth respectively in the relatively slow January. LSC's subsidiary On-Bright Electronics also contributed a 38% of sales, a 1% growth on a YoY basis and a 5% decline on a MoM basis.