Liquid Computing Expands Power Savings In Data Center With Eltek Valere DC Power System

November 10, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Eltek Valere announced that Liquid Computing, described as a pioneer in blade-based computing for data centers, has standardized on Eltek Valere’s Flatpack2 HE rectifier for fabric computing applications involving its LiquidIQ blade server system. The Flatpack2HE is the first in a line of dc power rectifiers from Eltek Valere with what is described as an industry leading 96% power conversion efficiency that helps data centers dramatically reduce their power consumption.

"Our customers require high-performance computing to drive their operations, and the Flatpack2 HE fully supports their data centers and in some cases lowers their power costs through its high-efficiency," said Bob Garrow, SVP of Strategic Relationships for Liquid Computing. "Currently, there is a 70 to 80% efficiency for data center power conversion. Increasing that efficiency is a huge advantage for data centers because for every Watt saved, you also save significant wattage in cooling."

According to the companies, for decades, telecommunications providers have used dc power systems for their efficiency and reliability but these systems are now just starting to be considered in the data center. Computers need dc power, but power utilities deliver power to data centers as ac. Most data centers distribute ac power through their data center, running it through a UPS and changing voltage levels several times before it arrives at the equipment and is finally converted to dc power for consumption. By using a dc power system, Liquid Computing distributes dc power through the data center and eliminates the interim power conversion thus reducing the power wasted in these conversions by up to 30%.

"It takes a forward-looking company like Liquid to augment its own power efficient design with our dc-power system that can help their customers to have the most power-efficient computing system available," said Allen Pitts, President of the Americas for Eltek Valere.

Liquid Computing’s flagship LiquidIQ blade-computing system is described as a leader in a new generation of IT infrastructure which has been called "fabric computing." Fabric computing is said to be disrupting the traditional rack mount server and switch configurations that are commonplace in data centers due to a dramatic cost/performance benefit. It is claimed that the inflexibilities and high cost of typical data centers are driving adoption of fabric computing architectures.

The Flatpack2 HE provides up to 2000W of power and features an ability to accept a wide input voltage range in tough ambient conditions. It can work as a stand-alone power system, or in parallel with other Flatpack2 HE’s as part of a dc rack power system. The Flatpack2 HE can be used in any data center or telecommunications application from 2kW to 50kW or more.