IXYS Granted Power MOSFET Packaging Patent

August 06, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) announced that it has been granted US Patent 6,404,065 for its invention of a high-performance, isolated, power semiconductor assembly technology in which a direct-bonded-copper substrate is used in the standard TO package outline. The technology has allowed IXYS to develop its Isoplus power MOSFETs, IGBTs, thyristors and diodes for market use. The patented technology in the backside metal of the package is electrically isolated from the corresponding backside of the semiconductor die in the package.

"The patented IXYS solution is the most rugged and advanced for the power semiconductor industry," said CEO Nathan Zommer. "We have implemented the technology even for our RF power MOSFETs with great success. The automotive industry has shown great interest in the technology, since it is basically thermal-fatigue-free and lighter weight. We have been approached by some of our competitors who have expressed an interest in licensing this technology."