IPA Confirms Platinum Resources for Fuel Cells

March 30, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

The International Platinum Association (IPA), which comprises the world's leading platinum group metals, producers and fabricators, confirmed that enough platinum resource is available worldwide to meet any foreseeable future demand spurred by the commercialization of fuel cells. Several erroneous media reports have recently suggested otherwise, potentially causing needless uncertainty among legislators, regulators and the general public.

"The platinum resource industry wants to set the record straight: there is more than enough platinum to satisfy the widespread introduction of fuel cells, for automotive propulsion, stationary power generation or other uses," said Marcus Nurdin, managing director of IPA. "Not only are the platinum miners, producers and fabricators convinced that enough platinum resource is available to meet all foreseeable demand, but increasingly, industry-leading automobile and fuel cell manufacturers agree that platinum availability is not a cause for concern."