Integrating and Prioritizing Solar Power for Telecom Power and Data Centers

January 14, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Controllis has added the Smart48 dc power system to its portfolio. An efficient and highly scalable power platform, the Smart48 dc power system will help telecoms, mobile and tower companies provide more reliable, efficient and green power for their networks. Operators looking to reduce their carbon footprint now have the option of combining mains rectification and solar power using a single integrated solution.

The Smart48 dc power system can provide 2kW to 300kW of power from a single 19" rack which can be split between MPPT solar inputs and mains rectifiers. The system can also prioritize solar power over mains power, saving energy and massively reducing an operator's carbon footprint. The Smart48 can be deployed in any part of the network, from small mobile cell sites to large data centers, and will allow operators to quickly and easily upgrade their networks to run on both mains and / or solar power.

The compact system includes highly efficient hot swappable rectifier and solar modules, n+1 redundancy, intelligent fan cooling and advanced battery monitoring and management. The system also includes a controller module, multi-channel low voltage disconnects and circuit breakers to protect the batteries and the site as a whole.

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"The Smart48 dc power system provides the ideal solution for telecoms operators looking to save energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint." says Lee Johnson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Controllis. "It allows operators to incrementally upgrade the power to any part of their network infrastructure and easily add solar power where and when required, all from a single compact shelf."

He continues "Because we are able to prioritize solar power over mains power, operators benefit from reducing their power costs and having greener, more efficient and reliable networks."

The Smart48 dc power system is the latest offering in a series of initiatives from Controllis to provide highly efficient, reliable and green site power solutions to the telecoms industry. Alongside their low carbon and carbon neutral dc generator-based hybrid power systems, Controllis provide lithium ion telecoms batteries and a range of solar power solutions. As a data driven company, all Controllis products have comprehensive remote management with data analytics capabilities.

The Controllis Smart48 dc power system is globally available along with its comprehensive portfolio of dc hybrid power solutions.