IGBT/SiC Gate Drive Reference Design for 3-Phase EV Motors

August 15, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The RDGD3100I3PH5EVB from NXP Semiconductors is a fully functional three-phase power gate drive reference design populated with six GD3100 gate drivers with fault management and supporting control circuitry.

This board supports SPI daisy chain communication for programming and communication with three high-side gate drivers and three low-side gate drivers independently. Included is S32SDEV-CON18 PCIe cable for connecting to MCU controller board MPC5777C-DEVB (not included). This board is designed to be connected to a HybridPACK™ Drive IGBT module footprint (not included).

The GD3100 is an advanced single channel gate driver for IGBTs. Integrated galvanic isolation and low on-resistance drive transistors provide high charging and discharging current, low dynamic saturation voltage, and rail-to-rail gate voltage control.

Current and temperature sense minimizes IGBT stress during faults. Accurate and configurable under voltage lockout (UVLO) provides protection while ensuring sufficient gate drive voltage headroom. The GD3100 autonomously manages severe faults and reports faults and status via INTB pin and a SPI interface. It is capable of directly driving gates of most IGBTs. Selftest, control, and protection functions are included for design of high reliability systems (ASIL C/D). It meets the stringent requirements of automotive applications and is fully AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified.

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GD3100 features:

  • SPI interface for safety monitoring, programmability and flexibility
  • Low propagation delay and minimal pwm distortion
  • Integrated Galvanic signal isolation (up to 8kV)
  • Integrated gate drive power stage capable of 15A peak source and sink
  • Fully programmable Active Miller Clamp
  • Compatible with negative gate supply
  • Compatible with current sense and temperature sense IGBTs
  • Integrated soft shutdown, two-level turn-off, active clamp, and segmented drive for wave shaping
  • CMTI >100V/ns
  • Compatible with 200V to 1700V IGBT/SiC, power range >125kW
  • Operating temperature range −40°C to 125°C
  • External Creepage distance (CPG): >7.8mm
  • Operating frequency >40kHz
  • 0V and 3.3V tolerant MCU interface available

Block diagram (click on image to enlarge)

The RDGD3100I3PH5EVB contents include:

  • Assembled and tested RDGD3100I3PH5EVB (three-phase inverter populated with 5.0V compatible gate driver devices) board in an anti-static bag
  • One PCIe cable (S32SDEV-CON18) for connection to MCU board (MPC5777C- DEVB or MPC5744P)
  • Quick Start Guide

Typical configuration

In addition to the kit contents, the following hardware is necessary or beneficial when working with this kit.

  • Microcontroller for SPI communication
  • IGBT module Infineon HP Drive
  • DC link capacitor that is compatible with IGBT part FS820R08A6P2B
  • HV power supply with protection shield and hearing protection
  • Current sensors for monitoring each phase current
  • 12V, 1.0A dc power supply
  • TEK MSO 4054 500 MHz 2.5 GS/s 4-channel oscilloscope