Idatech Developing 1kW Fuel Cell System

June 17, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Idatech (Bend, OR) is developing a compact 1kW fuel cell system projected to be available to the public in 2002. The platform will be a generic system that IdaTech or an OEM can adapt for a host of uses. Possible applications include portable power plants for camping and boating, or stationary systems providing backup or emergency power for homes and businesses.

The new system will convert methanol, and possibly other liquid fuels, to hydrogen. That hydrogen will be fed to a fuel cell to generate dc electricity. Depending on the need, the power could be converted into ac power. The company aims to produce a system no larger than twice the size of a microwave oven. It will be quiet, produce minimal emissions and it will be fuel-efficient.

Dr. David Edlund, IdaTech’s senior vice president and chief technologist, commented, “We believe that there is a tremendous opportunity for small fuel cell systems that can be easily tailored to specific applications.”