IBM Recalls Faulty ThinkPad and WorkPad AC Adapters

May 18, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

IBM (Armonk, NY) is voluntarily recalling ac adapters that can be used only on certain older IBM ThinkPad 310 (type 2600 only) and IBM ThinkPad i Series (type 2611 only) notebook computers, and IBM WorkPad z50 (type 2608 only) companion devices, which are no longer in production.

IBM advises consumers not to leave unattended an ac adapter plugged into a power source, as the adapter could catch fire. As a result, 320,000 ac adapters will be recalled around the world; of those, 220,000 are in the US. IBM reported this information to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and is working with them on the recall. There have been no reports of injuries associated with these ac adapters.

To determine if your ac adapter is affected, look at the bar code label on the bottom of your computer for a three-digit type number and a three-digit model number. If you do not have these type numbers, this recall program does not apply to you:
  • IBM ThinkPad 310 (type 2600 only)
  • IBM ThinkPad i Series (type 2611 only)
  • IBM WorkPad z50 (type 2608 only) companion device

The recalled ac adapter will only fit the ThinkPad and WorkPad devices listed above. The label will contain one of the following FRU numbers: 12J0537, 12J0539, 02K6562. IBM is replacing the affected ac adapters free of charge.