Hybrid DC Link Capacitor Banks Target SiC and GaN Converters

June 25, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

SBE and Nichicon announce a partnership to develop a hybrid DC Link Capacitor bank. The developed systems will utilize SBE's patented Power Ring technology as the "front end" enabler and advanced high power aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Nichicon as the efficient energy storage element. The 2 companies will work collaboratively with initial customers desiring advanced dc link solutions by providing full system validation simulation and full scale qualification systems.

The Hybrid DC Link system, called the Bank Hardener, utilizes the industry leading SBE Power Ring Capacitor. By tailoring the impedance of the extremely low ESL/ESR Power Ring and the specifically characterized aluminum electrolytic capacitor bank system, the result is a very high current density dc link that also has space efficient energy storage capabilities. Such systems are a highly desired part of the newly emerging SiC and GaN converters for next generation systems and advanced high voltage/high efficiency Si systems for utility and alternative energy applications.

SBE Power Ring technology achieves the industry’s highest level of current density and allows customers to utilize the highest usable voltage for their semiconductor strategy. Combining SBE’s proven performance with Nichicon’s dependable aluminum electrolytic power capacitors is a winning combination for industry leading implementations of the next generation.

“The Bank Hardener is a very unique technology and Nichicon is extremely excited to be working with SBE to bring it to market,” commented Kevin Sheldon, President, Nichicon (America) Corporation).

“SBE is pleased to be starting this partnership with Nichicon. The Bank Hardener has great potential to enable leading edge power density solutions for advanced converters in many applications. We needed a committed partner ready to help us prove the system’s capability and reliability. Nichicon’s “can do” attitude was exactly what we were looking for,” added Ed Sawyer, CEO SBE.