High-Speed MOSFET Gate Drive Demo Board

September 29, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corporation announced the introduction of the DVRFD615X2 high speed MOSFET demonstration board by its IXYS Colorado division. The DVRFD615X2 is a general purpose circuit board designed to simplify the evaluation of the IXRFD615X2 dual high speed MOSFET gate driver, and to provide a building block for power circuit development. The IXRFD615X2 gate driver is factory installed on the demonstration board and is fully tested. The board configuration allows mounting of either the DE-150 or DE-275 series high speed MOSFETs.

The board design allows both the driver and MOSFETs to be attached to a heat sink, and in doing so allows the DVRFD615X2 to be used as a ground referenced, low-side power switch for both single-ended and push-pull topologies. The board is easy to use, simply provide two input signals and a dc power supply to operate.

Features: Choose either the DE-150 or DE-275 series MOSFETs; Easy to use, requiring only two input signals and supply voltage; Fully tested and operational; Optimized layout to reduce parasitic inductance; Small overall board size: 2-inch by 4.5-inch board.

Applications include: Evaluation of the IXRFD615X2 MOSFET gate driver; Low-side ground referenced power switch; and Building block for single-ended and push-pull topologies.

“The DVRFD615X2 provides a convenient, easy to use demonstration board to simplify the evaluation of a circuit design using the IXRFD615X2 dual high speed gate driver and DE-Series MOSFETs,” commented Stephen Krausse, General Manager of IXYS Colorado. “With optimized circuit board layout and the low inductance packaging of the driver and MOSFETs, the DVRFD615X2 offers a fully assembled, off-the-shelf power switch with an excellent combination of power, size and performance once the selected MOSFETs are installed.”