High-Power Digital Inrush Controller Reference Design

November 09, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corporation today announced a reference design, High Power Digital Inrush Current Controller. It is based on Zilog's 8-bit Z8F3281 microcontroller, a member of the Z8 Encore! XP F6482 series of microcontrollers and IXYS high performance power semiconductors. This reference design demonstrates IXYS' Digital Power Control technology at high current levels and introduces high current MOSFETs with current mirror sensors in IXYS' proprietary Surface Mount Power Device (SMPD) package. The load current can be up to 10A while the input voltage ranges from 80- to 240-Vac with efficiency as high as 99.4 percent.

A key advantage of this reference design is that it allows power designers to specify timing for pre-charging of the input capacitor for better efficiency and reduced noise. The use of an MCU for the control allows for design flexibility with easy programming. For a higher load current, a larger capacitor can be used to achieve a desired voltage ripple. Consequently, pre-charging may take longer to maintain the charge current within the limits.

Other features include programmable overload protection, power ‘good’ status signal, and insensitivity to power outage/brownout and ambient temperature variation. The power ‘good’ signal may be used to connect/disconnect the load using the N-channel MOSFET in the SMPD. The entire operation process and essential values are fully programmable. It may be programmed to operate at 50Hz, 60Hz or any other line input frequencies.

The controller can be used to develop a number of power management applications, including high power ac-dc rectifiers, ac-dc battery chargers and ac-dc Power Factor Correction (PFC) converters. The High Power Digital Inrush Current Controller is available for immediate purchase.