GM Introduces New Fuel Cell Stack

September 16, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

General Motors Corp. (Detroit, MI) announced its latest fuel cell stack, which sets a new world standard for power density that packs 60 percent more power than any competitor, according to GM.

The new GM stack generates 1.75kW per liter, setting an industry benchmark for volumetric efficiency, the measurement of the stack's power output in kilowatts versus its volume.

The new stack has 640 cells with a continuous power output of 102kW (134HP) and a peak power output of 129kW (173HP). It weighs 82kg (180lbs) and measures 32 1/4in x 5 1/2in x 20in, or 82cm x 14cm x 50cm (58 liters).

"Reducing the size and weight of the fuel cell stack while maintaining or improving its power output is important for packaging, design and affordability," said Matthew Fronk, chief engineer of fuel cell systems for GM's Global Alternative Propulsion Center.