GM and Shell Join Forces on Fuel Cells

March 05, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

General Motors Corp. (GM, Detroit, MI) and Shell Hydrogen BV (the Netherlands) are bringing a fleet of fuel-cell minivans to Washington, DC, for lawmakers and policy-makers to use. The two companies announced their plans to form a partnership to speed the development of hydrogen technology, which will provide six GM HydroGen3 fuel-cell minivans by May 2003 and, by October 2003, two hydrogen fuel pumps to refuel the minivans. Each of the minivans is a GM Opel Zafira converted to run on hydrogen.

The companies, in a joint statement, said that the partnership will help to coordinate efforts to bring fuel-cell vehicles to market. GM and Shell said the new program is intended to raise awareness about fuel cell cars. GM has set a target of selling fuel cell vehicles to the public by 2010.