FuelCell Energy to Install Fuel Cell Plant at Yale

April 02, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

FuelCell Energy Inc. (Danbury, CT) signed an agreement with Yale University to install and service a DFC300A fuel cell power plant that will provide heat and power for the university's Environmental Sciences Building near the Peabody Museum in New Haven. Electricity from the unit will provide approximately 25 percent of the building's electricity needs, with the heat being used primarily to maintain tight temperature and humidity controls at the storage facility where rare bones and artifacts are kept and preserved.

"The Environmental Sciences Facility at Yale is an example of how DFC fuel cell power plants can distribute power close to the user and both increase energy efficiency and improve the environment," said Jerry Leitman, chairman and chief executive of FuelCell Energy. "By using both the electrical and heat energy, Yale is gaining maximum efficiency from the DFC power plant in this university application."

Startup is expected to begin in the summer of 2003, and the service agreement will be renewable after the initial five-year period is up. The cost of the project is $1.25 million, exclusive of the service agreement.