Fuel Cell Technologies Awarded Canadian Government Contracts

June 04, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Fuel Cell Technologies (FCT, Canada) was recently awarded two Government of Canada contracts to further advance its work in solid-oxide fuel-cell (SOFC) power systems. The contracts total $440,000 and apply to both of FCT’s strategic directions: the commercialization of its 5kW SOFC power system, and the advancement of SOFC technology through FCT’s core science program.

National Resources Canada, through its CANMET Energy Technology Centre, has contracted $240,000 to FCT for further development of the core science program in SOFCs. The overall deliverable amount is intended to accelerate the development of SOFC technology. The work is focused in particular on low-cost ceramic compound development for planar SOFCs. The monies fund a 24-month program.

The second contract, for $200,000, came from the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program. It is for the cost-effective development of a small, long-life desulphurizer specifically designed for FCT’s 5kW SOFC power system. FCT will assign the preliminary stage of development work to one of its strategic partners, Kinetris Inc. (Canada).