Free Report Details 2,000 Global Fuel Cell Operations

August 21, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

More than 2,000 fuel cells are providing clean, reliable, and renewable on-site or backup power at locations in more than 26 countries, according to a comprehensive update released by Fuel Cells 2000. The report is free and is available at: The latest additions expand the report's worldwide fuel cell installation chart to 65 pages, including a number of new European and Asian listings. The chart includes data on fuel cell manufacturers, locations, fuel cell sizes, fuel types, operating information, and pictures.

"Fuel cell power generation systems tend to be overlooked in favor of automobiles, but they have been in the field for years, proving over and over to be a viable technology for stationary and backup applications," stated Fuel Cells 2000 Program Director Jennifer Gangi. "We hope that our examination of fuel cells in the real world will help policy makers and the public -- and potential customers -- gain a better appreciation for the versatility and advantages of fuel cells."

Other free charts from Fuel Cells 2000 track worldwide demonstrations of fuel cell automobiles, specialty vehicles, hydrogen fueling stations, and fuel cells for electronic equipment. Another chart lists available fuel cell products. Also on the site is an interactive map of US installations and companies involved fuel cell technology. All are updated regularly. The charts are works in progress.