Ford Intros Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines

February 24, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Ford Power Products (FPP), a division of Ford Powertrain Operations and Ford Motor Co. (Dearborn, MI), introduced new hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines (H2ICEs) to the industrial marketplace. Target industrial applications for the prototype hydrogen engines include airline ground support equipment and power generation (gen-sets).

The introduction parallels Ford's introduction of its first commercial hydrogen-powered shuttle bus, the E-450, which is equipped with a 26-gallon equivalent, 5,000 psi hydrogen fuel tank with an expected range of about 150 miles. A modified 6.8 L Triton™ V-10 internal combustion engine, that is supercharged and inter-cooled, propels the 12-passenger vehicle. With near-zero emissions, the E-450 shuttle bus will meet the most stringent applicable emissions standards. An initial pilot lease program has been established to place pre-production E-450 shuttle buses in target markets.

"These products are coming to market. They are one of the solutions to cleaner air and environment. We have the capability to delve into the marketplace," stated Ford Power Products Executive Director Jack Damron. "Ford is the only automaker actively involved in all four alternative fuel technologies – gasoline-electric hybrids, clean diesels, hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines and fuel cells."