FCC Backup Power Rules Now In Place – 24 Hour Requirement Coming Soon

April 17, 2018 by Paul Shepard

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted backup power requirements for facilities-based carriers which provide fixed residential voice service that is not line powered (Covered Providers). These requirements will soon require providers to offer 24 hours of backup to customers.

The FCC's Report and Order became effective on October 16, 2015. It has taken effect in stages since adoption and by February 13, 2019, all providers must offer subscribers at the point of sale at least one option to purchase 24 hours standby backup power capability.

The FCC's Report and Order states in part: "The Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) adopts rules to promote continued access to 911 during commercial power outages by requiring providers of facilities-based, fixed residential voice services, which are not line powered, to offer subscribers the option to purchase a backup solution capable of 8 hours of standby power, and within three years, an additional solution capable of 24 hours of standby power.

"The item also promotes consumer education and choice by requiring providers of covered services to disclose to subscribers the following information: availability of backup power sources; service limitations with and without backup power during a power outage; purchase and replacement options; expected backup power duration;) proper usage and storage conditions for the backup power source; subscriber backup power self testing and monitoring instructions; and backup power warranty details, if any."

The PSI Micro UPS Series from PowerTec Solutions International (PSI) is an example of the future of uninterruptable DC power that meets the coming FCC requirements. As the smallest stationary or portable DC UPS, the PSI Micro UPS series offers the perfect complimenting solution for Fiber to the Home ONT, VOIP Modem, Access Points, Cable Modem, Alarm and Security and 1000's of other CPE or Network Devices.

PSI's custom Micro UPS Series supports 5Vdc - 48Vdc applications and offers innovative, patent pending, stackable battery packs for scaling customer's standby power to over 24 hours of backup, meeting new FCC requirements for offering 24 hours of backup power for all Voice services.