ET Solar Unveils AC Module Series

July 12, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

ET Solar Group Corp. has unveiled what it says is the industry’s highest efficiency ac module. ET Solar’s ac modules have been certified to UL 1741 and UL 1703 for the North American market.

Partnering with SolarBridge Technology, a specialist in integrated microinverter solutions, ET Solar developed high-efficiency ac modules that are fully integrated with the SolarBridge Pantheon II microinverters. In future, ET Solar will ship ac modules that are preassembled with Pantheon II microinverters to its customers.

Compared with conventional PV Systems utilizing string or central inverters, systems with ac modules maximize individual module output, therefore resulting in minimum system shading loss, which could be significant due to trees and other obstructions on or near residential and commercial roofs. ET Solar’s ac modules, that can also significantly reduce the impact of module mismatch, are connected in parallel so as to offer great flexibility in system design and accommodation to the often-complicated residential rooftops.

With the built-in grounding function, ET Solar’s ac modules do not have to be grounded individually in the field. On the Pantheon II microinverters, the ac module’s maximum output is as high as 238W ac and can prevent power loss under most weather conditions.

ET Solar ac modules provide up to 25% more power yield than conventional PV systems, while reducing up to 50% of the system design and installation cost. In addition, ac module systems avoid high dc voltage, which makes installation and maintenance safer and offers greater safety for firefighters in case of emergency.

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