EPC Offers GaN Devices in Wafer Form

June 04, 2019 by Scott McMahan

EPC announced the availability of their enhancement-mode GaN devices in wafer form for ease of integration.  EPC traditionally sells its eGaN® brand FETs and ICs as singulated chip-scale devices with solder bars or solder bumps.

The company points out that chip-scale packaging is a more efficient form of packaging that reduces the size and cost of power transistors as well as their resistance, inductance, and thermal impedance. According to EPC, these attributes of its eGaN devices enable unmatched in-circuit performance at competitive prices.

Wafer-level offerings of these devices allow for easier integration in customer power system sub-assemblies, further reducing device interconnect inductances and the interstitial space demanded on the printed circuit board (PCB). These reductions translate to both increased efficiency and power density while reducing assembly costs.

"We have listened to our partners and are pleased to offer our industry-leading GaN products in wafer form that can accommodate a variety of assembly techniques and applications," commented Alex Lidow, CEO and co-founder of EPC.

EPC is now offering the company's eGaN power devices in wafer form either with or without solder bumps.  Extra services including wafer thinning, metallization of the wafer backside, and the application of backside coating tape are also available.

Wafer Sales and Services

  • Bumped wafers
  • Wafers without solder bumps
    • Under Bump Metal (UBM): 10µm PI + 2 KA Ti sputter + 4 Ka Cu sputter + 8µm Cu plating)
  • Extra services available per wafer
    • Wafer thinning down to 260µm
    • Metallization of the wafer backside
      • Ti/Ni/Au
      • Ti/Ni/Ag
  • Backside coating tape