Emerson & ReliOn Agree To Add Fuel Cell Products To Platform Of Backup Power Solutions For Communication Networks

June 09, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Emerson Network Power announced an agreement with ReliOn that will add ReliOn’s fuel cell products to the Emerson suite of NetXtend™ Integrated Enclosure Solutions for backup power.

ReliOn is described as the leading provider of high-reliability fuel cell solutions for backup power applications. Its hydrogen fuel cell products are designed specifically to provide backup power for the telecommunications, utility and government sectors.

Under the agreement, Emerson Network Power will integrate ReliOn products into its NetXtend brand of outside plant enclosures. The arrangement adds an alternative energy product series for Emerson Network Power, delivers greater customer reach for ReliOn, and allows the two companies to continue to explore new ways to integrate ReliOn fuel cell technology into Emerson Network Power’s product line. A comprehensive suite of Emerson Network Power engineering, installation and support services will be offered for ReliOn products integrated with the NetXtend Fuel Cell Series of enclosures and backup power.

"This agreement with ReliOn gives us even greater flexibility in designing backup power solutions that meet the changing needs of our customers," said Manish Bhandari, Vice President and General Manager, Outside Plant Business, Emerson Network Power. "While traditional battery backup remains a critical part of the existing IT and telecommunications infrastructure and is central to our business, industry changes, including the FCC eight-hour mandate, are driving the need for alternative sources of backup power."

Bhandari pointed to the ongoing move of critical telecommunications equipment away from the Central Office to the Outside Plant, often in locations where batteries are somewhat impractical. "Fuel cells can fill some of those gaps," he said.

"Our fuel cell solutions provide a natural complement to Emerson Network Power’s existing product line," said Gary Flood, President and CEO of ReliOn. "As the industry landscape changes, the capabilities and characteristics of fuel cells become increasingly relevant to a growing number of potential customers. Working together with Emerson Network Power, we believe we can provide a comprehensive suite of backup power solutions to meet the needs of those customers."