Emerson Network Power Launches Dedicated Team to Deliver Innovative, Tailored Solutions for Massive, Complex Data Centers

January 15, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Emerson Network Power has introduced a fully-dedicated team serving the complex needs of massive data centers. The hyperscale solutions team is dedicated to leveraging Emerson-wide expertise and resources across the entire data center ecosystem to serve companies that build large cloud environments for search, social networking, web computing, and other data-intense functions. This new initiative leverages Emerson's grid-to-chip expertise and global reach.

The scale and growth of these massive facilities demands extraordinary data center architectures that require customized, highly scalable, and often modular infrastructures. The Emerson solutions team helps deliver these complex architectures through consulting, custom solutions, and implementation. Emerson Network Power announced the formation of the team at Open Compute Summit.

"The hyperscale solutions team is made up of individuals with decades of data center experience and draws upon the knowledge and capabilities of thousands of Emerson technologists and engineers to support the visions of data center professionals," said Scott Barbour, executive vice president of Emerson and business leader for Emerson Network Power Systems. "And only Emerson has the global scale and resources to rapidly implement those visions."

The team has engaged with industry thought-leaders and developed architectural solutions that solve customer-specific business issues in hyperscale data centers. Resources the team draws upon include deep expertise in embedded power, power conditioning, distribution and back-up, infrastructure management, cooling, services, access and control, and modularity.

Examples of the type of solutions created to meet hyperscale data centers' unique needs include an integrated rack solution that leverages the efficient ac and dc power distribution and back-up concepts in the Open Rack specification, created with off-the-shelf components accessible to all size customers and data centers.