Eagle-Picher Technologies Signs Agreement for Development of Lithium-Polymer Technology

April 06, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Eagle-Picher Technologies LLC (EPT, Joplin, MO) signed a Technology Investment Agreement (TIA) with the Air Force Research Laboratory's Propulsion Directorate Power Division at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The TIA enables the joint development of lithium-dry-polymer battery technology.

The TIA will provide a total funding of $1.44 million over three years under the Department of Defense's (DOD) Dual Use Science and Technology (DUS&T) program. This funding will be cost-shared by EPT and the government. According to Robert Higgins, DUS&T director, "The combined investment funding of the government and Eagle-Picher on this DUS&T program will accelerate the development of rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries by focusing on the high-risk areas such as polymer-electrolyte conductivity, high-cation transference numbers, strength/durability, and manufacturability."

The expected outcome of this TIA development program will be a lithium-polymer battery suitable for use on DOD/commercial satellites, aircraft, ground vehicles and other portable power applications. Eagle-Picher was chosen to further develop and demonstrate the performance and manufacturability of lithium-polymer batteries, "because of our proven expertise in commercializing battery technology for both military and commercial applications," said Rex Erisman, executive vice president of EPT. "The lithium-dry-polymer battery is a true solid-state battery with applications in electric vehicles, aerospace, cellular phones, cordless power tools, electronics and other portable uses."