Darnell Unveils New PowerPulse Feedback Loop Blog

September 27, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Darnell Group Inc. (Corona, CA) unveiled its new PowerPulse Feedback Loop online web log (blog), which debuted September 26, 2005, as the first blog dedicated to power electronics. Located on the web's leading power electronics publication, PowerPulse.Net, at, the blog covers the entire power electronics spectrum and includes insightful commentary from Darnell's research analysts, editors, and even Publisher and President Jeff Shepard.

The blog is moderated and all comments are reviewed prior to public posting to prevent off-topic content. Those interested in joining Darnell Group's revolutionary new Feedback Loop Forum may register online at

Only a username and password are need to join in on contributing to this informal "gathering of minds" as they discuss the power electronics issues that matter, and provide "food for thought" to help start your day. If you already read Darnell's PowerPulseDaily to keep current on the latest news, you'll want to visit the new PowerPulse Feedback Loop.