Companies Cooperate In Methanol Fuel-Cell Vehicle Study

September 19, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

DaimlerChrysler AG, BP, BASF, Statoil Methanex Corp., and XCELLSIS have formally agreed to cooperate in a study which will evaluate what would be needed to facilitate the introduction and commercialization of methanol fuel cell vehicles. After scrutinizing health, safety and environmental issues associated with the introduction of methanol fuel cell vehicles, the companies hope to establish a joint position. Their collective standpoint will be published for the benefit of all fuel cell industry stakeholders, and they are expected to implement their findings in the near future. BP's Senior Advisor Transportation and Fuels Peter Histon says, "This study will help demystify the issue of methanol as a fuel for fuel cell vehicles." In a joint statement, Pierre Choquette, president and CEO of Methanex, and Finn Kulas, senior vice president of Statoil, further commented, "By combining our resources and expertise, we expect to make significant progress toward the safe introduction of methanol as a fuel for fuel cell applications. This could lead to significant new markets for methanol, a clean natural gas based fuel."