CISSOID Augments its Platform of 3-Phase SiC MOSFET IPMs

May 05, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The expanded portfolio of intelligent power modules (IPM) includes two liquid cooled devices

The 1200 volt CXT-PLA3SA12340AA, CXT-PLA3SA12550AA and CMT-PLA3SB12340AA IPMs are designed by CISSOID to aid power engineers in the inevitable transition to silicon carbide (SiC)

Flat (left) and Fin AlSiC (right) baseplates. Image courtesy of CISSOID
Flat (left) and Fin AlSiC (right) baseplates. Image courtesy of CISSOID


SiC enjoys many advantages over the now old-school silicon power devices, including lower RDS(ON)s, higher switching speeds and better thermal performance. SiC’s been proven in the field, prices are continually dropping and the technology is now mainstream. However, as Cissoid aptly describes it “Transitioning to SiC is a long journey.” The learning curve can be steep.

The solution provided by CISSOID is to provide an all-in-one solution including both SiC MOSFETs and the complex driver circuitry necessary to drive them. This provides designers with a proven solution, slashing the time it takes designers to achieve their power objectives.


AlSiC Metal Matrix Composites

As described by CPS Technologies, AlSiC metal matrix composites combine “aluminum metal and silicon carbide particles to obtain material properties ideally suited for high power and high reliability IGBT modules.”  AlSiC weighs only 1/3 as much as copper and can form the basis for baseplates and coolers that are light, tough and feature high thermal conductivity.


The Three New 3-Phase SiC MOSFET Modules 

The CXT-PLA3SA12340A and the CXT-PLA3SA12550A feature lightweight AlSiC pin fin baseplates for liquid cooling. Liquid is a denser fluid than air is, so it has the capacity to remove more heat.

Targeted at applications where liquid cooling isn’t an option, the CMT-PLA3SB12340A is cooled down through a lightweight AlSiC flat baseplate.

All three devices all feature gate driver circuitry based on the CISSOID HADES2 chipset. The units are specced at a maximum switch of 25 Khz. They operate from a single power supply whose voltage can range from +12 to +18 volts.

The individual units sport different continuous currents, but they all can sustain maximum pulsed drain current is 720 amps.


Protections include:

  • Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO) for internally generated supplies as well as for VCC
  • Desaturation Protection
  • Soft Shutdown turn-off (SSD)
  • Negative gate drive (-3V)
  • Active Miller Clamping (AMC)
  • Gate-Source Short-circuit Protection 



With its pin fin baseplate, the CXT-PLA3SA12340A is designed for high power density liquid cooled converters. It features low 4.19 mΩ (typ) RDS(ON). For case temperatures of 25 and 90℃, maximum continuous currents are 340 and 260 amps, respectively. 



The CXT-PLA3SA12550A, like the CXT-PLA3SA12340A, features a pin fin base plate for liquid cooling. It features an on-resistance of 2.53 mΩ. Maximum continuous current is 550 and 400 amps at 25 and 90°C, respectively. 


The CMT-PLA3SB12340A

The CMT-PLA3SB12340A is designed for forced air or natural convection cooling. As described by Dave Hutton, CEO at CISSOID, “We initially developed this IPM platform to accelerates SiC-based motor drives development for E-Mobility and we are also very pleased to see demand from aerospace customers” He goes on to say that, “We are delighted to deliver this new SiC intelligent power module designed for natural convection or forced cooling in compact and lightweight power converters addressing these new demanding markets.”