Capstone Introduces First-of-its-Kind iPad App to Determine Ways to Reduce Energy Costs and Carbon Dioxide Emissions

September 09, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Capstone Turbine Corporation has introduced the "Capstone World 2.0," the first-of-its-kind interactive iPad app. With just a few quick keystrokes on an iPad, anyone worldwide now can determine the potential savings in energy costs and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions if certain city buildings switch from utility power to low-emission microturbines, solar, and wind turbines.

The Capstone World 2.0 app currently is available for download at the Apple® App Store. The app is free and supports the high-resolution retina display of the new, third-generation iPad.

Capstone World 2.0 merges Capstone's informative Distributed Energy Calculator with Capstone World into one easily accessible iPad app. When users enter Capstone World 2.0 they first experience the Distributed Energy Calculator, also available at

Results from the calculator, which culls electric rates directly from utilities, energy cost savings and emission reductions, can be astounding whether microturbines, solar PV, and wind turbines are calculated together or individually.

Take Sacramento, Calif., for example. If just one percent of buildings that use large amounts of energy in this metropolis of 2.2 million people switched from utility to a combination of the three clean-and-green energy sources, an estimated US$10 million annually in energy costs would be saved and carbon dioxide emissions reduced about 82,000 tons.

On a larger scale, if nine Sacramento facility types, including hotels, office buildings, factories, retailers, universities, hospitals and more, strictly used power from microturbines, solar PV, and wind turbines, more than US$1 billion in energy cost savings would occur and carbon dioxide emissions would drop nearly 8.2 million tons each year.

The second component of Capstone World 2.0 enables users to explore the diverse landscape where Capstone microturbines are in use. This interactive area allows users to click on an application to learn how Capstone microturbines help save money, energy, and the environment. Each industry area includes written and video case studies.

"This is the first-of-its-kind iPad app," said Darren Jamison, Capstone President and Chief Executive Officer. "With the introduction of Capstone World 2.0, our goal is to provide real world data that will help people make smart energy decisions for the clean energy future we all want and need."

"This app illustrates the emission technology and cost benefits of microturbines, and demonstrates how Capstone's microturbine energy systems are playing a critical role in helping the world overcome its energy and climate challenges."

He added, "We believe a holistic approach to clean, decentralized energy is imperative. Our low-emission microturbines are a clean-and-green energy source that can be installed anywhere and, when considered with solar and wind power, can craft a future where economical, reliable, clean energy is the norm."