Capacitors, Inductors, Actuators, Transformers, Ferrites and more

February 21, 2018 by Paul Shepard

TDK Corporation will present several of its latest power solutions in stand 901, APEC 2018, March 4-8, in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas. TDK's expanding portfolio for engineers includes a variety of products to meet the growing demand for power technologies across multiple industries including automotive, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), communications and industrial equipment.

These offerings complement the leading electronics company's existing roster of electronic components.

TDK and EPCOS brand product highlights include:

SMD pulse transformers for Gigabit Ethernet and PoE: The expanded ALT4532 series of pulse transformers are designed for high transmission rates of up to 10 Gbit/s and supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications at 1Gbit/s. The components feature a compact SMD package with dimensions of 4.5 mm x 3.2 mm x 2.9 mm. These TDK transformers also feature a special core design that is optimized for fully-automated production and winding processes, resulting in extremely stable quality. Applications include LAN interface for network devices, communication equipment, digital appliances and IoT devices.

Chokes for automotive power over coax: The ADL3225V chokes for automotive power over coax (PoC) applications features high impedance over a broad frequency spectrum of 1 MHz up to 1 GHz and is qualified to AEC-Q200. The wire wound inductors offer good DC superimposition characteristics, thus separating the power from the signal path and making it ideal for automotive camera systems. TDK's proprietary structural design and winding combined with the fully automated manufacturing process ensures the excellent electrical properties and high reliability of the inductors.

First chip beads and inductors with robust soft termination: The KMZ1608 and KPZ1608 series of chip beads and the KLZ1608 and KLZ2012 series of inductors feature a conductive resin layer that offers effective protection against board flexure and solder cracks. These multilayer chip beads and inductors have innovative soft-termination technology that is already proven in TDK MLCCs. They also offer high reliability under harsh conditions, even at high operating temperatures up to 150 °C and are qualified to AEC-Q200. Their main applications include engine control modules (ECM) and various in-vehicle electronic control units (ECU), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and industrial equipment.

Distributed air gaps ferrite cores: These new ferrite cores reduce proximity losses by up to 70 percent. Lower winding loss can be achieved with distributed air caps than with a single large air gaps which allows for a reduction in core size by one class. These new cores are available in E, EQ, ER, ETD, PM and PQ designs. Applications include storage chokes and transformers in switch-mode power supplies and inverters.

MnZn-based PC200 ferrite materials: All-new MnZn-based PC200 ferrite materials are designed specifically for power supplies and frequency converters that operate with fast-switching power semiconductors on a GaN basis. The new materials are optimized for a frequency range from 700kHz to 4MHz and is available in ER, EFD, ELP, EQ, I and RM cores. PC200 material will enable considerably more compact power supplies and greater energy savings.

PowerHap™ piezo actuators with haptic feedback: These compact and powerful actuators enhance the sensory experience of human machine interfaces (HMIs) significantly. PowerHap actuators feature high acceleration and force, low insertion height and a fast response time of <1 ms, all with an extremely low energy consumption of 1 to 8 mJ, depending on type. Available in three types 2.5G (9mm x 9mm) 7G (12.7mm x 12.7mm) and 15G (26mm x 26mm).

High voltage contactors: EPCOS bipolar high-voltage contactors are for the switching of high dc voltages and currents. These gas-filled contactors were designed for the needs of e-mobility and industrial applications, such as battery management and dc charging systems, for which fast disconnecting from a dc source is crucial over the entire lifetime. Further applications include dc traction systems, photovoltaic installations, dc power grids, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Power electronic capacitors for AC applications: EPCOS single-phase and three-phase (Delta and Star connection) power capacitor series B32370 through B32374 are designed for rated ac voltages of between 250VRMS and 1000VRMS with a capacitance range of 5µF to 600µF. This wide range of ac capacitors for power electronic applications offers unique features such as high voltage, high current capability, low inductance and high reliability.