CamSemi Appoints Gary Pinelli As Board Director

May 21, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

CamSemi has announced the appointment of Gary Pinelli, a seasoned power management expert with over 35 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry, to its Board of Directors.

Pinelli has previously held senior roles with Harris, Intel and Mostek and in the last ten years has led the sales and marketing activity at two power management companies: Volterra, which is now a highly successful public company, trading on NASDAQ and the market leader in dc-dc power management applications; and then iWatt, a private company addressing the ac-dc sector. Prior to these two roles, he co-founded TelCom Semiconductor, a publicly traded company acquired by Microchip.

"CamSemi is very fortunate to have someone with such directly relevant business experience join our board. Gary’s track record in the semiconductor industry and knowledge of the power management space will greatly enhance the skill set on our board and be invaluable as we continue to build CamSemi’s market position and portfolio of breakthrough energy-efficient power conversion products," said David Baillie, CamSemi CEO.