Call for Participation in GRIDSTOR Industry Hearing

November 12, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

The successful deployment of tomorrow's smart electricity grids requires clarity and widespread agreement on rules and regulations for energy storage systems. To achieve this consensus and create industry standardization, DNV GL has initiated the GRIDSTOR Joint Industry Project. This project aims to accelerate implementation of grid-connected energy storage systems through the creation of a Recommended Practice (RP) for system safety, operation and performance.

DNV GL invites organizations – be they major international suppliers, end users or regulators – to join the GRIDSTOR consortium. Together, the consortium will work on specific areas of energy storage where the international community currently lacks agreement or guidelines. GRIDSTOR will create a transparent and coherent recommended practice that fills the gaps left by existing standards and is globally recognized. This will enable all stakeholders to accelerate and expand their energy storage implementation.

GRIDSTOR is focused on setting up guidelines for three main aspects of grid-connected energy storage: system safety, operation and performance Each of the three aspects (safety, operation and performance) will be assessed for all types of electricity storage systems, with an emphasis on high energy batteries. Other storage systems such as flywheels, pumped hydro, CAES, super-capacitors may also be included. Electric vehicles and non-electrical storage systems are currently out-of-scope for the project as they are not considered to be grid-connected.

GRIDSTOR benefits, over and above existing standards: Complete system-level approach, instead of being limited to one or two key components; Covers a broad range of energy storage systems, instead of simply one or more battery types; Identifies missing standards / develops standards when needed; More comprehensive and structured approach, e.g. creating an FMECA / HAZOP instead of dealing with safety issues in general; Supported by the industry to ensure fast market introduction; and Open source, accessible and usable by everyone.

By participating and setting up this industry standard, the risk of field failures will be lowered and the potential reputation damage for the whole sector can be minimized. The GRIDSTOR consortium will be publishing the Recommended Practice for Grid Connected Energy Storage in December 2015 – January 2016. Part of the publication process is an External Industry Hearing, during which external parties, not being part of the consortium are offered the opportunity to pre-read the document, and provide remarks and recommendations to the consortium, for their consideration.