Avnet Joins Forces With Hong Kong Productivity Council In LED Lighting Initiative

March 31, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of the global technology distributor, Avnet, Inc., and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) have joined forces in an energy efficient lighting initiative, which is aiming to stimulate the design and development of a new generation of LED lighting products.

Under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Avnet and HKPC have agreed to cooperate in the use of LED lighting in a variety of areas, including indoor lighting, street lighting, advertising, heat dissipation design, back-light for LCD TV and automotive applications. The HKPC and Avnet will join hands in areas of marketing, design and development.

"The Hong Kong government estimates that the mandatory implementation of building energy codes for new buildings could result in savings of 2.8 billion kilowatt hours in the first decade, contributing to a reduction in carbon dioxide emission of 1.96 million tonnes. LED lighting, in such an example, can play a major role in achieving compliance and enabling applications to become more energy efficient," said Frederick Fu, Regional President, Avnet Electronics Marketing China. "However, the interest in durable, low-cost, energy efficient LED lighting extends well beyond Hong Kong, across Greater China and further afield. With many potential manufacturing customers as well as large scale end users all looking for solutions, often turning to the HKPC for advice, this MOU is all the more valuable."

Frank Leung, General Manager (Automotive and Electronics) of HKPC, said: "HKPC has been actively promoting the application of LED lighting technology and supporting Hong Kong companies to overcome the technical barrier in its deployment. Last year, we set up an LED Lighting Application Consortium to provide a platform for engineering and application support for the industry. We have also successfully developed an LED lighting solution which can directly replace fluorescent lamps commonly used in commercial and industrial premises. With the signing of this MOU, both the HKPC and Avnet can play a more active role in partnering with Hong Kong LED lighting product companies on the design and development of LED lighting products for appropriate applications, meeting the needs of customers and helping them achieve time-to-market benefit."

Avnet has six design centers in Asia – in locations such as Mainland China, Taiwan, India and Singapore – each with strong system design capability that adds an in-depth core competency in demand creation, providing value-added services to Avnet’s customers and suppliers in the region. It has already developed proven reference solutions ranging from general illumination such as street lamps to architectural and advertising lighting.

"Looking at technology trends, LED lighting has a very bright future in the home as well as in enterprise applications, outdoor installations and in the automotive industry. This MOU reflects that trend and Avnet’s desire to be at the forefront of the commercial opportunity to develop products as well as the overall imperative to manage global energy resources more efficiently. It’s our honor to partner with a renowned organization like HKPC, which is well poised to promote productivity excellence and provide the best resources for Hong Kong companies to enhance competitiveness," said Fu.