AstroPower Solar-Electric Modules Used on British Reality Show

August 06, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

AstroPower Inc. (Newark, DE) announced that a popular reality-television show in the UK, Big Brother, uses solar electricity. On the show, 10 contestants live in a solar-powered house in Bromley, East London.

The house's 16.5kW solar-electric power system was designed and installed by Solar Century Holdings Ltd. (UK). The system features 144 AstroPower solar-electric power modules incorporated into a 1,400sqft wall on the front of the house. It can generate up to 12,500kWh per year. Contestants on the reality show are filmed walking past the solar wall on entry and eviction from the house. It is also being used as the backdrop for the credits at the end of all TV broadcasts.

"Viewers can't help but be intrigued by the spectacular appearance of the wall of AstroPower modules," said Jeremy Leggett, CEO of Solar Century. "What is not as obvious at first glance is that solar-electric power technology is clean, renewable and reliable. Therein lies the true value of solar-electric power."