Astris Launches E8 Alkaline Fuel Cell Generator

December 17, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Astris Energi Inc. (Mississauga, ON), a developer of alkaline fuel cell technology, unveiled the latest in its series of AFC generators, the 2.4kW model E8, which is a completely self-contained, portable unit, quiet and emission-free which, unlike its gasoline counterparts, can be safely and comfortably operated in an indoor environment.

The E8 generator is powered by Astris' new POWERSTACK MC250 fuel cell, which has been designed, built and tested over the past two years. The MC250 fuel cells performed 30% to 60% above the original design specification in the tests. Astris Energi plans to phase the POWERSTACK MC250 into pilot production in its Vlasim, Czech Republic, facility in the first half of 2004.

The model E8 generator provides 48Vdc power at 50A of current, and will handle overload up to 60A. It is fuelled by compressed hydrogen at 6 bar to 200 bar (100psi to 3,000psi). At full power, fuel consumption is 1,600L/hr. Electrical efficiency of the entire generator is above 50%, a figure unequalled by any other device in its class, and several times higher than the efficiency of conventional generators fueled by gasoline.