Antig Technology Develops Notebook PC Prototype Fuel Cell

March 15, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Antig Technology Co. Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan) has developed a compact prototype fuel cell, which is the size of a CD-ROM, that can slot into the optical drive space of a notebook PC. The company also showed a prototype 12 W fuel cell for notebook PCs and a prototype fuel cell charger for cell phones. The direct-methanol fuel-cell-based battery charger can recharge the battery for an ordinary third-generation mobile phone in about an hour and produces 3 W.

The company is currently talking to a number of PC vendors about commercialization, and commercial versions of the prototypes for notebooks and mobile hand-held devices are expected to be available by late 2005. Because fuel cell cartridge production, refueling technology and sales channels have yet to be developed, it will probably take until around 2007 before the company's fuel cells become widely commercially available.