3.6kW Totem Pole PFC with SIC MOSFETs and Inrush Current Limiter – Reference Design

June 27, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The STEVAL-DPSTPFC1 reference design from STMicroelectronics is a 3.6kW bridgeless totem pole boost circuit that achieves a digital power factor correction (PFC) with inrush current limiter (ICL). It's intended to help engineers to design an innovative topology with the latest ST power kit devices: silicon carbide MOSFET (SCTW35N65G2V), thyristor SCR (TN3050H-12WY), isolated FET driver (STGAP2S) and 32-bit MCU (STM32F334).

Targeted Applications Include:

  • EV/HEV on-board chargers
  • Charging stations
  • Motor drive, motion control
  • UPS, industrial battery charger
  • Server/Telecom SMPS

This reference design also opens the path to a compact converter running at 75kHz offering a high efficiency at full load (97.5%) and a low total harmonic distortion distortion (5% maximum at 10% of full load).

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It achieves a robust circuit that meets EMC standards up to 4kV delivering high switching lifetime with reduced EMI emissions. The thyristor SCR used as ac line polarity switcher allows achieving an active current limitation at power up or line drop recovery: the PFC efficiency is optimal and no EMI bouncing effect occurs.

The reference design includes a power board bridgeless totem pole boost (with an inrush limiter circuit, switch drivers and an auxiliary power supply), a control board with its MCU, a PFC/ICL control firmware and an adapter board for software debug.

STEVAL-DPSTPFC1 power board electrical diagram.

Summary of Features

  • 5% efficiency at full load
  • Maximum 5% THD at 10% of full load
  • Compact PFC converter
  • Higher switching lifetime
  • Compliant with EMI norms at 4kV
  • RoHS compliant
  • WEEE compliant

Electrical characteristics (click on table to enlarge)