New Industry Products

Zetex Intros Super 323 Bipolar-Transistor Series

May 24, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Zetex Inc. (Commack, NY) has introduced a line of bipolar transistors that provide designers with low loss, high power performance in miniature SOT323 surface mount packaging. The new "Super 323" series of devices handles collector currents between 1 and 1.5a and can dissipate power up to 500mW, up to twice that normally associated with larger SOT23 packaged bipolars.Developed using an enhanced matrix geometry, super emitter process and a specially designed lead frame, the super 323 range features NPN and PNP complementary types that exhibit a VCE(SAT) as low as 0.2V for collector current of 1 amp. These devices thus offer a viable alternative to MOSFETs in many portable applications.Delivering a SOT323 capability comparable to that in an SOT23 package, the Super 323 device also occupies one-third less PCB space. The super 323 range of 500mW NPN and PNP devices offer 1c to1.5a, hFE to 200 and Vceo TO 50v.The 10,000-piece price for the new devices ranges from $0.115 to $0.165 each, depending on specs.