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TVS Diode Design Kits with 3kW or 5kW TVS Diodes in SMC Packages

February 20, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Bourns released two new TVS Diode design kits, Model CD-LAB9, and CD-LAB10. (See image above). These new design kits contain Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) diodes for surge and ESD protection. They offer a variety of overvoltage protection solutions across a range of rated currents and voltages for quick-turn prototype testing.

The CD-LAB9 design kit features 3kW TVS diodes in SMC packages while the CD-LAB10 design kit has 5kW TVS diodes in SMC packages.

The small signal diodes are lead-free with Cu/Ni/Au plated terminations and are compatible with lead-free manufacturing, conforming to many industry and government regulations on lead-free components.

Bourns offers MITE Schottky Barrier Diodes for rectification applications in the company's compact chip package DO-216AA size format. The Model CD216A-B1 Schottky Rectifier Diode Series has a forward current of 1A with a choice of repetitive peak reverse voltage of 20V up to 40V.

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Bourns Chip Diodes conform to JEDEC standards, are easy to handle with standard pick and place equipment and their flat configuration minimizes roll away.


  • The Chip Diode product range provides distinct advantages over some of our competitors, such as:
  • Package Size: the small, leadless design saves space on PCB layouts. The small size includes a lower profile that provides height savings over competing SOD80 (MiniMELF) product.
  • Environmental: All small signal diode terminations are lead-free with termination Cu/Ni/Au plating. Units meet many worldwide industry and government regulations on lead-free components.
  • Manufacturing Friendly: Chip diodes allow the use of industry standard pick & place equipment. The chip diode package makes it easy to handle and their flat configuration minimizes roll away during production.

These new design kits will complement the existing Bourns TVS Diode design kits.