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Trench Super-Barrier Rectifiers Improve Efficiency

January 18, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

The SBRTF40U100CT and SBRTF40U100CTFP 40A rectifiers introduced by Diodes Incorporated employ proprietary super-barrier trench technology to significantly reduce power loss and lower operating temperature. When used as output rectifiers in power adapters and quick chargers for smart phones, tablets and flat-panel TVs, these devices can improve efficiency by up to 2% while reducing operating temperature by up to 10 degrees C.

Various features contribute to lowering the overall power dissipation of the SBRTF40U100CT and SBRTF40U100CTFP rectifiers, either enabling cooler running new applications or avoiding the expensive rework of proven designs that need to meet more stringent temperature limits. An ultra-low forward‑voltage drop of just 0.27V (at a forward current of 2A) reduces power loss while a low reverse‑leakage current (0.5mA maximum at 100V reverse voltage) improves energy efficiency, especially at higher operating temperatures.

The SBRTF40U100CT and SBRTF40U100CTFP devices are each capable of delivering a high average rectified output current of 40A. Additionally, their high forward-surge current capability of up to 200A enables them to endure high, short-duration, non-repetitive peak currents. These rectifiers are also avalanche rugged with a rating of 340mJ. Consequently, they can comfortably withstand the unclamped switching events generated by inductors and other wound components.

Offered in a regular 3-terminal TO220AB package and also the isolated-tab ITO220AB package, the SBRTF40U100CT and SBRTF40U100CTFP are supplied in 50 piece tubes and are priced at $0.78 each in 1000 unit quantities.