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Tower Semi Launches New Power Management Platform

October 30, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Tower Semiconductor Ltd. announced the availability of its new Power Management Platform. The new offering combines high-voltage, fast-switching devices onto the base of its 0.18µ technology platform.

The new offering is a fully integrated dual/triple gate 0.18µm Power Management platform that supports a wide scale of voltages, including 5, 12, 25 and 42V. The switching devices are implemented by high-current-drive LDMOS transistors, and deliver world-class performance of RDSON = 25mΩ mmsq, at 33VBVdss. This performance, which is on an integrated, non-Epi technology, enables implementation of single chip multi-ampere power management integrated circuits. Such integration suits well a wide range of power management applications that require cost effective and sophisticated power switching.

The underlying platform implements basic logic, analog and I/O, at both 5 and 1.8V (3.3V is available upon request.) Among the devices that complement the switches, Tower offers poly resistors; MIM capacitors; LV and HV bipolar transistors; Schottky diodes and thick metal conductors in both aluminum and copper. The platform includes all elements required for both analog and digital SoC power management designs.

"We are very excited to provide existing and emerging customers with this comprehensive power management platform," said Yossi Netzer, General Manager of Mixed-Signal and RF-CMOS product line at Tower Semiconductor. "The wealth of supporting devices we provide makes implementation easy and rewarding for any designer. The ability to attain effective switches on the same silicon as the control circuits enables the Tower platform to be a very attractive option with high performance, small form factor and attractive cost."

The primary applications where the platform will be applied are: LED drivers, line drivers, battery chargers, dc-dc converters, hand-held devices’ power supplies and automotive power management. The power management platform is also available on Tower’s shuttle program for fast and low cost design verification and engineering samples.