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Toshiba Launches High-Voltage Dual-Channel Solenoid Driver IC

September 26, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched the TB67S112PG, a dual-channel solenoid driver IC that achieves high-voltage and low ON resistance drive. Mass production starts today.

Applications are expected to include amusement equipment (slot machines), home appliances (air-conditioners and refrigerators), and industrial equipment (banking terminals such as ATMs, office automation equipment, and factory automation equipment).

TB67S112PG incorporates two channels, each consisting of a low-side MOSFET and a regenerative common diode that can independently drive a solenoid or a relay.

Toshiba already markets TB67S111PG, a four-channel solenoid driver IC, and the eight channel TB67S158NG/FTG. The addition of the TB67S112PG offers users wider product- sourcing possibilities, based on the number of solenoids to be controlled.

Key Features

  • Two channels, each with a low-side MOSFET and a regenerative common diode
  • Independent control of each output is suitable for solenoid and relay drives.
  • High voltage (50V) and low ON resistance (0.3Ω) drive
  • High-voltage (50V) MOSFET in the output unit supports solenoid and relay drives.
  • Low ON resistance (0.3Ω) reduces heat generation during motor operation.
  • Built-in error detections with automatic reset functions
  • Thermal shutdown detection and overcurrent protection. When thermal shutdown is activated, error detection flags (ERR) are output, ensuring equipment safety and highly reliable designs.

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