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TI Intros UCC37323/4/5 MOSFET Gate Driver ICs

July 18, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI, Dallas, TX) introduced its new UCC37323/4/5 industry-standard footprint, dual-MOSFET, gate driver ICs, which feature higher current, improved noise immunity and are drop-in

replacements for many MOSFET driver ICs. The drivers may be used in a variety of switch-mode power supply and motor-control applications with bias voltages of 15V or less, such as low-voltage, synchronous rectification, dc/dc converters and fractional horsepower, brushless motor applications.

TI's UCC37323/4/5 drivers utilize a combination of bipolar and MOSFET

output stages to provide 4A peak-current capability during both peak

supply voltages and the MOSFET's "Miller Plateau" region of the switching

cycle. In addition, at lower supply voltages down to 4.5V, the output stage continues to deliver high currents.

These high-speed drivers also feature 25 nanosecond rise and fall times and

rail-to-rail voltage swings. All inputs are TTL/CMOS threshold compatible and feature slightly raised thresholds for improved noise immunity from ground bounces. The devices' two outputs can be paralleled for an 8A peak

current rating in more demanding applications.

The UCC37323/4/5 drivers are available now. In addition to standard thru-hole and surface-mount packages, the devices are also offered in thermally enhanced and space-saving, eight-pin, MSOP PowerPad packages featuring a 4.7 degrees C/W Theta(jc) rating.

Pricing starts at $0.99 in quantities of 1,000 for the SOIC and PDIP-8 package versions, and $1.09 in quantities of 1,000 for the PowerPad MSOP package.