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TI Automotive Launches Integrated Brushless Fuel Pump Delivery Module

October 31, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

TI Automotive has launched an all-new brushless fuel delivery module on vehicles in Europe. The introduction was announced today at the ITB Automotive Fuel Systems China conference held in Shanghai where TI Automotive engineers highlighted a technical presentation on the product's benefits, including improved vehicle efficiency and long-term reliability. The new module features a new brushless fuel pump that improves efficiency and reliability with integrated electronics in the flange. The new module assembly will be introduced on five new Peugeot and Citroen vehicles in Europe, with future releases planned for other platforms and in other regions as well.

The module improves vehicle packaging by integrating the ECU into the flange and optimizing control of the pump motor performance based on the specific vehicle powertrain programming. The integrated ECU helps improve efficiency of the brushless fuel pump by matching electrical power to engine need and stopping fuel delivery during stop/start mode operation. The brushless pump technology enables new electronic control tuning features to improve vehicle fuel economy and emissions.

The brushless fuel pump features some advantages over traditional brushed pumps. The pump motor uses rotating (versus fixed) magnets allowing for reduced size and eliminates the brush/commutator voltage couple, which results in eliminating surface wear and reducing mechanical/hydraulic stresses.

"Powertrain systems are changing to meet new fuel economy and emissions requirements, and the advanced design, flexibility and performance of this new fuel module helps meet those challenges," said Mike Cowley, global director of product and application engineering, TI Automotive. "We believe the new adaptable pump, motor and module design represents the future of fuel delivery system technology."