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TDK Innoveta Intros 5V/50A Quarter Brick

February 06, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

TDK Innoveta Inc. has expanded its quarter brick iQP-series product line, adding 5.0V/50A output models. It offers an isolated 250W, wide input range (36-75V), tightly regulated 5.0V output bus solution. It employs the industry standard Double-P quarter brick pin-out. The converters are RoHS compliant.

The iQP's unique structure, which combines Double-P and open frame IMS (insulated metal substrate) based designs, allows high current while maintaining good thermal performance. The iQP 5.0V can provide up to 40A (200W) at 50°C, 200LFM, and up to 36A (180W) at 60°C, 200LFM, without a heat sink. It is designed for use in limited space and power-hungry applications such as ATCA. It has an efficiency of 91.5% at full load, for a power density greater than 151W per cubic inch.

The iQP's tightly regulated 5.0V output enables: A wide output voltage trim range capability of -20% to +10%. Less interaction with downstream converters, reducing the required bus capacitance. And produces a well-behaved start-up waveform.

Standard features include remote sense, remote on/off, pre-biased start up, wide output voltage trim range and auto recovery circuits to fully protect against input over-voltage and under-voltage. Over-temperature, output over-current, and output over-voltage protection features are also standard and can be ordered as either latching or non-latching. Safety approvals include UL60950 (U.S. and Canada), VDE 0805, CB scheme (IEC950) and CE Mark (EN60950).

In OEM quantities of 1,000 pieces, the unit price of the iQP48050A050V (5.0V/50A) is $95. Samples are available now.