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Taiyo Yuden’s New 8mm-Square Wire-Wound Inductor Achieves 3.4A at 10µH

October 10, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

TAIYO YUDEN Inc. announces the NR8040T series of 8x8x4mm wire-wound power inductors for dc-dc converter choke coil applications in LCD and plasma TVs, automobile navigation systems, home video game consoles, and other devices. The 13 models in the NR8040T series offer an excellent combination of low dc resistance (0.006-0.29 Ohms), high inductance (0.9-100µH) and high current ratings (1.0-11.8A). The NR8040T-100M device, for example, offers high rated current (3.4A @ 10µH) in the 8mmx8mm form factor. With the equivalent performance of larger 10mm square devices, the 36% smaller footprint of the NR8040T-100M device facilitates more compact dc-dc converters and thinner-profile product designs.

LCD, plasma and other ultra-thin-chassis flat-screen televisions are becoming progressively larger with higher resolution, resulting in rising demand for dc-dc converters capable of providing high current as well as compact size. The demand for thinner-profile electronic products is driving a corresponding need for choke coils – the main component in dc-dc converters – with higher current capacity, lower dc resistance (RDC) and smaller physical size. Boosting current capability, however, requires increasing the size of the core and thickening the windings inside the inductor, both of which make reducing the device's size and profile very difficult.

The company responded to this design challenge by improving the round drum/sleeve core technology used by conventional inductor designs. TAIYO YUDEN instead developed a unique sleeveless square-core winding that successfully eliminates all wasted space and thickens the lead wire inside the inductor to achieve the lowest possible dc resistance.

The products are available now in volume production quantities at $0.30 each with a delivery time of two weeks ARO.