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Taiwan Semiconductor Rectifiers with Wettable Flank Contacts Offers Best-in-Class (8A/1kV) Specifications

May 21, 2020 by Taiwan Semiconductor

Taiwan Semiconductors announced the TUAS8x Series of surface-mount device (SMD) rectifiers, available with voltage ratings from 200V-1000V.

Wettable flank packaging provides several production and performance advantages; TUAS8x Series 8A rating is industry’s highest; only devices in class offered with voltage ratings up to 1KV\


Image courtesy of Taiwan Semiconductors


Brea, CA.— May 21, 2020 —Taiwan Semiconductor, a global supplier of discrete power electronics devices, LED drivers, analog ICs and ESD protection devices, announces the introduction of the TUAS8x Series of surface-mount device (SMD) rectifiers, available with voltage ratings from 200V-1000V. The TUAS8x Series device’s wettable flank package enables higher power density, increased manufacturing yields and reliability in a wide range of power conversion applications, offering industry-leading 8A maximum current.

The industry standard, SMPC4.6U SMD package configured with two anode and one cathode, wettable flank terminations, facilitates automated placement and automated optical inspection (AOI). This package also offers advantages of smaller footprint and height, improved power dissipation and higher resistance to thermal shock. The TUAS8x Series are the only devices available in this space saving, high performance package that offer the combination of high voltage performance (up to 1 KV) at current levels above 5A.  Spice models are available online for ease of design. 

“Wettable flank packages facilitate lower cost manufacturing (AOI vs X-Ray inspection) and offer higher production yield,” reported Sam Wang, Vice President, TSC Products. “These devices offer designers higher power density, improve manufacturability and reliability via resistance to thermal shock and dissipate heat into the PCB faster than alternative package configurations.”  

Applications include Silicon, GaN or SiC- based power conversion circuits in commercial, industrial, telecom-datacom power systems, freewheeling diodes and anywhere general-purpose rectification is needed.

Click here for more information and links to complete product specifications and SPICE models.


Price (Production Quantities):    $0.35

Lead Time:      Samples – in stock (Digi-Key & Mouser)
Production quantities - 8 weeks ARO


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