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Solectria Renewables SmartGrid Inverter Series Achieves 97.5% CEC Efficiency

December 07, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Solectria Renewables, LLC, a U.S. PV inverter manufacturer, on December 7, 2010 announced that its SmartGrid Inverters (SGI) 225, 250, 266 and 300kW inverters have achieved 97.5% CEC efficiency – said by the company to be the highest CEC efficiency in the solar industry, Solectria emphasizes. According to the company, the SGI Family due to the producer has the lowest nighttime tare loss in the industry. Solectria Renewables’ SGI series are the first inverters with integrated transformers to achieve efficiencies higher than 97%, the company emphasizes.

"As the leading U.S. PV Inverter manufacturer, Solectria Renewables continually focuses on innovative engineering, reliability and attaining leading efficiencies," Michael Zuercher-Martinson, Chief Technology Officer at Solectria Renewables, said. "As we expand our product line, we continue to develop the most reliable, efficient and technologically advanced inverters."

Inverters with integrated transformers add a level of safety and security for large-scale solar systems since galvanic isolation is present between the electrical service and the PV array. Unsurpassed in the industry, transformer-based inverters are rugged and durable with the transformer acting as a filter if grid voltage transients occur. Solectria Renewables’ SGI series also include support utility options such as VAR support, low voltage ride through, controlled ramp rate and remote power control are critical for next generation utility systems.