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SolarBridge Technologies Unveils New Products & Partners

July 08, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

SolarBridge Technologies announced the launch of the company’s next-generation AC Module solution, including the Pantheon™ II microinverter and enhanced SolarBridge Management System.

In addition, the company announced new partnerships with ET Solar, Mage Solar, NESL and Talesun Solar, all of whom will begin offering certified ac modules powered by SolarBridge microinverters to the North American market in Q3 of this year. These new partners, along with SolarBridge’s existing partners, represent a combined module capacity of over 3.5GW worldwide.

The Pantheon II is a higher power, higher efficiency and smaller footprint microinverter that is smart-grid capable and designed to optimize the power output of today’s higher power panels. The Pantheon II builds on the success of the original Pantheon microinverter, improving all performance metrics and adding new capabilities including 208V/240V autosensing, and compatibility with 60- and 72-cell modules up to 280W, making the product suitable for both commercial and residential PV applications. With an improved peak efficiency of 95.7 percent and a maximum output power of 240W ac, the Pantheon II is based on the same highly reliable architecture as the company’s first-generation microinverter, with no electrolytic capacitors and a highly efficient thermal design, and is backed by the company’s 25-year warranty. And, unlike detached microinverters, the Pantheon II integrates multiple components and functions in a single package, including ac cabling and equipment ground, resulting in significantly lower cost and faster installation. The Pantheon II is CSA certified to UL1741 and is available for use in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Complementing the Pantheon II microinverter, the SolarBridge Management System, consisting of the Power Manager and Power Portal, has been updated with additional system management functions and to enable multiple integration points for partners to access and control their PV systems, including cloud-to-cloud, local hosting, API access, and Android and iOS mobile applications. SolarBridge partners may also choose to private label both the Power Manager and Power Portal, a comprehensive hardware and software solution that captures, processes and presents module-level performance data, alerts, and other critical PV system data to site owners, managers and module manufacturers.

"The launch of Pantheon II continues our rapid pace of innovation, enabling SolarBridge to bring out a new industry-leading platform every year," said Ron Van Dell, president and CEO, SolarBridge Technologies. "Customers look to us as the premier brand in microinverters and ac module solutions because they trust our technology, our highly reliable design, as well as our testing and certification standards. These announcements re-affirm our commitment to an OEM model, with the launch of new partners and new software tools which allow our OEM partners to control their data and their brand."

The Pantheon II microinverter and enhanced Power Manager and Power Portal are available immediately to module manufacturers who wish to partner with SolarBridge to develop and commercialize certified ac modules.

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