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Shielded Drum-Core SMD Inductors meet AEC-Q200

January 13, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Sumida Corporation has announced the introduction of the new CDRH50D28B/T150 Shielded Drum inductor for a broad range of automotive applications.  Based on Sumida’s Ni-Zn ferrite core technology, this power inductor is highly space-efficient and complies with automotive reliability standard, AEC-Q200.

It is applicable to ADAS and other automotive applications which require a small footprint and high-inductance value (max. 100µH).  Product development was influenced by automotive industry demands for smaller, higher performance parts that are able to meet AEC-Q200 performance standards.

The CDRH50D28B/T150 is part of a new series of high temperature-resistant inductors, suitable for a growing number of automotive applications.  As the amount of electronics in automotive applications expands, and the operating environment runs hotter, there has been more market focus on high temperature, compact components.  With high-temperature performance up to 150°C, CDRH50D28B/T150 customers to have enough leeway in thermal design ratings to assure reliable performance.

The ferrite drum, ring core construction provides very effective magnetic shielding.  With higher-circuit densities, this level of shielding is important, as components can be placed closer together without causes EMI that could interfere with adjacent circuitry.  The high permeability of the ferrite drum-ring design also contributes to lower DC resistance and better saturation current performance.

Parts are auto-wound with high accuracy to ensure uniform production quality.  Lead-frame construction supports the mechanical demands required for the part.  Special materials developed by Sumida are used to accommodate temperatures of up to 150°C without any degradation in electrical or mechanical performance.

Sumida CDRH50D28B/T150 Series Power Inductors are offered in 13 values, ranging from 1.0µH to 100µH.  DCR is as low as 18mOhms for the 1.0µH value.  Full operating temperature range is -55°C to 150 °C.  Maximum size for all values is just 5.3 x 5.0 x 2.8 mm.

Applications include ADAS, dc-dc converters, and a broad range of automotive power applications, including: LED driver circuits, ECU, BMS, navigation systems, infotainment systems, hybrid engine controls, ABS, or any high reliability application.

The CDRH50D28B/T150 Series power inductors are available with 30-day delivery and are in-stock at national distributors.